Sunday, April 15, 2007

Program Video

I have just finished putting together an informational video regarding our Bioscience Technology program. It should be the complete package for counselors, teachers, students and parents that want to explore a career in Biotechnology. We have over a 90% placement rate into jobs or a bachelor's degree. This is well worth exploring if I do say so myself. The video has active links to internet sites regarding job statistics, curriculum, interviews, etc. The background music is outstanding (half joking here, it is a couple of free downloads entitled "RNA Interference" and "Hela" from a composer that has been "inspired" by the human genome project).

If you are interested in a copy, drop me a line at

It is a Quicktime movie around 180 Mb. A bit too large to send efficiently by email. I have burned it to CDs. Include an address and I will drop it off or send in by mail.

Hope all of your school years are coming to a pleasant end.